We have listed below the programs that are implemented to help you achieve your marketing goals. We will provide a wide range of services to deliver your message to
potential investors. When properly coordinated, the strengths of the different services should make for an effective campaign and compliment any additional activities we may
implement concurrently or subsequently for maximum exposure. The activities and duration can certainly be tailored according to your needs and budget.

1 Company profiled


Optional: Wall Street Journal exposure

Professional & Enticing Company Profile


• Informational Site Profiling

These sites will encompass all corporate information enabling us to centralize an entire visual presentation for the public. This will eliminate or reduce the need for investor kit
mailings allowing your company maximum exposure in the timeliest manner available. Features on this dedicated website are media coverage, SEC filings and research reports,
all accessible on a dedicated web page 24/7.

• Professional Investor Kit!

We will produce a detailed professional digital investor kit (1 Page Profile + 2-8 in-depth pages in one PDF doc with embedded links) which will be hosted on your stock profile
page on brass,. You can also use on your own website and to email to prospective investors and shareholders.

• Company
YouTube/Social Media!

Now, let us bring it up to speed on the social web. It’s plain to see by now that social media isn’t just a fad. It’s a phenomenon that’s swept the country and the world. Allow
us to set up and populate your social media presence.

Canvassing Hundreds of Thousands globally!

• Tens of Thousands of Unique Targeted Visitors!

We generate tens of thousands of unique, interested potential investors from all over the world who will voluntarily view your company profile page on brass, for each month of
service! We strive to under-promise and over-deliver.

• Voluntary visitors – your profile visitors come to you!

This point deserves more attention. The Tens of Thousands of unique visitors actually come to your profile of their own volition, not the other way around. Not from emails.
Not from pop-ups. Not from any other type of invasive method. Rather, they come to you, and find exactly what they are expecting…your company profile.

• Investor Boards and Blogs!

Our professional and compliant bloggers will blog and place news links within a minimum of 300 outlets that have an aggregate circulation of approximately 100,000
users. No Hype, just News! (results will be reported on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in a clear, cogent and categorized manner)

• Complete Print & Television Media Coverage Campaign!

Your story will reach national and regional media outlets with distribution range of 100,000 to 800,000 depending on what is pertinent to your company. Our approach
involves a combination of paid advertisements and a persistent pursuit of earned media placements.

• Product or Service Awareness Program!

Target Market will be identified and thoroughly reached through various web platforms:

• LYCOS, MSN, and Google Advertisements.

• Article Marketing: We will work with your management to craft and present a relevant written piece we then submit to article directories driving traffic back to your
product site.

• Sector Targeted Public Forum Posting.

• Opt In Email Campaign Reaching 2,000,000 Consumers. Shareholder/Prospective Shareholder Communication

• Company-Specific Subscriber Database Development

Your company profile page will have its own subscriber box so that visitors can, through subscription, opt to be updated on your company news, events, etc. As you campaign is
underway, we will, on a regular basis, turn over all subscribers who requested more information on your company. This will allow your company to continually update them
with corporate press releases and work closer to converting them into your company's shareholders.

• Current Shareholder IR Service

We send an introductory email or letter to each and every current shareholder. Their email and other information will be loaded into the system so that they receive all
company updates;

• ShareNet

Lead Capture and Converter System!
Brass, proprietary high tech automated lead capture and management system begins work as soon as new subscribers are created and never stop working until they are
shareholders. ShareNet is carefully designed to maximize conversion of leads into shareholders through its carefully optimized lead communication system.

• InfoJet

Automated Profile Update System!
In the world of stocks, communication and transparency is the key. Information flow delays are inexcusable and can be detrimental to a company's reputation and its stock

price. That's why InfoJet, our proprietary automated profile update and dissemination system is mission-critical.


Wall Street Journal Inserts


If you're an OTC, Pink Sheet, or Nasdaq company trading under $5, you probably know that getting your company's message in front of a verified, affluent audience of investors
is difficult. But imagine being able to put your company’s investment offering in front of 1.2 Million potential investor subscribers to the Wall Street Journal with your own
"attention commanding" 2-16 page full color insert--which will be placed in the middle of the WSJ and literally fall into the laps of more than a million subscribers.

Wall Street Journal Subscriber Statistics


Targeted audience of up to 1.2M AFFLUENT investors
With $257,000 average household income Avg. value of investments (not including primary residence): $2.1M Spend an average 58 mins a day reading
68% have acted on ads seen in the WSJ Average subscription length: 9 years!! Just provide us with your 2-16 page analyst report or promotional piece or let our
creative team design one for you. We'll take it from there!

Unique Benefits of Distribution in the Wall Street Journal

Immediate and guaranteed delivery on date(s) specified (unlike direct mail) Flexibility of 250,000-1.2 Million circulation can be split over 2-3 days or run
on a single day Flexibility to pick demographic markets and regions (i.e. "Eastern US" or "Chicago & NY" or "Middle America") No list names or addresses needed (all data maintained by Dow Jones) No postal charge The insert is attention commanding (unlike direct mail)




After the initial program is implemented and on a going forward basis, we may choose to emphasize one service more than another based on performance and feedback and/or we may inaugurate additional activities as warranted. We will work with you to make use of all existing, new and innovative public relations models to expose your company and its progress to the private and public investment community.



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